A Beautiful Change Hypnosis

A Beautiful Change Hypnosis

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A Natural Healing Remedy

Let A Beautiful Change Hypnosis help you create positive results in your life. By conducting hypnosis sessions for clients from Washington, DC and the suburban Maryland areas, I guide my patients in a deep state of relaxation. This treatment allows them to have a heightened state of awareness and to be open to suggestions.

Benefits of Hypnotherapy

My hypnosis sessions aid you in addressing and coping with various issues. These include:

  • Stress

  • Sleeping Problem

  • Bad Habit

Payment Options

I accept payments via cash, check or charge. Kindly take note that I do not accept insurance. In addition, if you need to cancel an appointment, a 4-hour notice by phone is necessary.

Client Testimonials

Nancy is a true healing professional. Her soothing voice makes it easy to relax and trust her guidance. She explains the process and is an engaged listener. She always came prepared to our sessions. She truly cares about her clients and can competently customize a program based on your individual needs. Give it try!

– Carolyn A. Cook

During different sessions with Nancy McKean, I learned how to control anxiety and stress. Her voice is both firm and gentle. As she practiced hypnosis on me, she would allow me to go into a deep, peaceful rest. I always felt better at the end of those sessions as I was experiencing at the time, the depression of one of my daughters. Her help was precious. It seems my daughter is overcoming her depression with medical help and we can now enjoy a healthier relationship. Nancy McKean is positive, encouraging and knows how to listen to her to her patients.

 Bernadette Brodsky, Retired Lecturer at Georgetown University